—–You Are Not My Enemy—-

Why tell again this long forgotten story

of a time and place reached only in a dream..?”

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A warrior becomes a priest out of remorse over killing a 15-year-old boy in battle.  Decades later, he returns.  On Suma shore, under a full moon, he encounters the boy’s spirit, they re-live the fatal day and achieve reconciliation and peace.

That’s the timeless and timely story told in the Japanese Noh drama, Atsumori, written in the 15th century by Zeami.  Dreams Landing is pleased to present an actor-centered, American adaptation of this classic of world dramatic literature at the Oregon Buddhist Temple in Portland, Oregon June 22-30, 2019.

It features live music by Joe Sorce.

Please join us!

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Rensei/Kumagai  –  Peter Armetta

Atsumori/A Reaper  –  Eve Bradford

Villager/Chorus 1  –  Kerry Kehoe

Reaper/Chorus 2  –  Tamara Sorelli

Warrior/Chorus 3  –  Stephanie Crowley

Stage Manager – Autumn Trapani