Space Rangers, or Life, the Cosmos, and the Possible Nature of God

Where does the possibility of real transformation come from?  It has to come from someplace we don’t know, ‘cuz if we knew about it, we’d surely be doing it already. It’s a sad fact. Everything we know has put us in the mess that we’re in, and we need what we don’t know.

Paul Rogers is a young man with a PLAN for how perfect concentration can lead to bulging balance sheets.  But he’s about to encounter Omar, a Space Ranger who encourages him to speculate about the real nature of God, and Marcia, a mysterious woman who dwells somewhere in the Cosmos and claims that she’s…his “life.”  So Paul is unknowingly about to embark on just such an adventure.  And he thinks his fondest dream is coming true!

The performance videos are here. Try Sunday February 6th!

Virtual Backgrounds by Eve Bradford!

Costumes by Stephanie Crowley and Emma Mast!

Music by Peter Armetta!


Jonas Israel as The Chairman

David Remple as Paul

Can He Do It?

Gerry Birnbach as Space Ranger Omar Borkins

Ellie Conniff as Marcia

Long Ago

Erica Hatfield as Deirdre

Lavinia Martin-Weber as The Earth Spirit

The Tree That Unites Earth and Heaven

The Tree Alone

The Cast and the Tree That Unites

The Riverbed of Our Lives