Af – One Earth, One Dream

Dreams Landing is proud to present…

One Earth, One Dream

by Peter Armetta

with the words and voices of CG Jung, Michael Meade, Jeremy Taylor and Marion Woodman

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In One Earth, One Dream, some fourteen stories of the night originally told to solitary dreamers in Portland, Salem, Seattle, and Christchurch, New Zealand come to life, as…

Power Animals help to cure cancer…
An embrace bridges the gulf between the Living and the Dead…
A Grandmother reunites the soul and body of her Grandson…
A Dancing General brings peace to a war-torn city…
A Tree which is dead to others flowers for the dreamer, opening a path to another World…

The Dreamer and a Magical Bird restore the world after a universal maelstrom…

One Earth Program (Inside)
One Earth Program (Outside)

Listen in as we honor the Dreamtime and explore the possibility of reviving a traditional practice from many cultures…sharing and “performing the vision on earth for the people to see!”

Click here for a link to the complete audio download!

Or check out the excerpts below:

The Garden of the Soul  12:35


This Was the Ancient Ritual  4:30

Wanderer in the Night  7:30


David Loftus

Christine Shields

Peter Armetta


Joe Sorce – EWI & Arrangements

Ben Gardiner – Guitar & Arrangments

Playback Theater Portland

Jackie Paris, Director

Dino Paris, Conductor

Daniel Buchanan

Brynn Baron

John Johnson

Shane Lei

Jenni Miller


 Funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council

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