“I Love You, Grandma”

 I Love You, Grandma  1:57 (Live audio excerpt from One Earth, One Dream, including the voice and words of Marion Woodman)

When I was 16, my grandmother lived across the street. As she was dying, my mom and her family waited on her daily, and I visited her at least once a day. At my summer art assistant job, I made a large paper crepe flower for her with lots of colors, including black, red, white, and pink…When I got home, my mom advised that I should go see grandma, but I was so tired, and I had an early evening job that day, and would visit her afterwards.  Unfortunately, she died while I was at work. I was devastated that I could not say goodbye.

Weeks later, I had a dream about her.  I grabbed her and hugged her, real tight; and I believe I said, “I love you, grandma.” When I woke up, I was crying, but relieved that I got to say goodbye. I was too shy to tell my mother about the dream, but I think about that dream often, and still cry about it ’til this day. That was 40 years ago. Was that real? Did she visit me? I did feel comfort, because touching her was very real, not dreamlike.

– Contributed by Pat Amore

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