Return from the Underworld

I see a woman leading a man by the hand.  They are somewhere deep underground, and she has been on a long, arduous quest to find him, knowing he was buried, lost to the world, and had to be brought back.

She is middle-aged, wearing a dark robe.  He is gigantic; at least two or three times her size and burly, muscular, but obviously gravely ill.  He’s hobbling along, bent over nearly double at the waist.  His skin is gray like it’s been coated with ash.  I think he has been buried underground a long, long time.

Arching over the scene is a row of lights.  The Woman has found him by finding his “melody.”  I hear it playing one note at a time on something like a glockenspiel.  Every time a note is played another light in the arch lights up.  Somehow I know that she will have succeeded in bringing him back to life, returning him to the world, when all the notes in his melody have been played and all the lights in the arch are lit up.

-Contributed by Peter Armetta

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