In A Moist Riverbed

Dream on May 26th, 2009

I was sitting in a moist riverbed completely covered in the rapidly decomposing remains of recently dead sea creatures, all of which were between salmon and orca size.

They all *resembled* fish, but they were not fish or mammals. They did not have bones or cartilage. They did not exist.

From prior knowledge about how I came to be in this position, I knew that a small minority of the creatures here were still alive. I realized this just as I was noticing water filling the riverbed, as I expected it was about to.

While I was waiting to be swept up by the currents, I mused on how I would soon be swimming with a few other survivors. I didn’t know what they would do about me once they regained their mobility.

A minute or so later there was enough water for everything to start floating downstream. You couldn’t actually *see* the water at this point, it was just a roiling mass of rotting carcasses.

I considered what I should be doing right now.

I was on my way to a town before all this happened; I could see the town in the distance now, and after a quick mental calculation I determined that the river would take me there in two days. Unacceptable!

I grab hold of the tail on what looked to have once been a gigantic, hideous flounder, but was now too mutilated to really be much of anything. It has tremendous surface area compared to me! Drag increases dramatically, and I am carried to my destination at alarmingly high speeds. (This isn’t actually how drag works, but you would be hard pressed to convince my unconscious of that.)

I just barely manage to hold on. While I wait, I reflect on what strange events brought me here; and in so doing I end the dream.

-Contributed by Spencer

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