Ac – Dance with a Wounded Tree

Written, directed and produced by Peter Armetta

Laura, a troubled seventeen-year-old girl, discovers her family has a karmic secret – a connection with a mysterious tree and spring deep in the woods waiting to renew the broken bond between family and forest, humans and the world of nature on Christmas Eve!

Four performances live on Zoom Dec 11, 12 & 18, 19, 2020 at 7:30 PM PST

The performance video is here:

Music by Joe Sorce!

Virtual Backgrounds by Eve Bradford!

A dysfunctional couple: Stephanie Crowley as Margaret
and Jerry Ferraccio as Howard

Dancing in the Forest: Iris Rhian and Patt Blem as Tree Spirits,
Gerry Birnbach as Jack

Katie Mortemore as Laura, Stephanie Crowley as Margaret,
Kim Bogus as Brenda

The Tree and the Family renewed