Cormorant at the Bottom of the Sea

The Cormorant 4:28

I am in a swirling blackness. Nothing is clear or concrete – just swirling mists, howling wind, a universal maelstrom. I know the world is being destroyed, but don’t know the source. I can’t see anything, only hear the winds, and feel a dismal, lost energy, surging everywhere.

Black Clouds cropped

Then I am diving into the sea, going deeper and deeper, again through bleak, swirling water – no fish or sea life. I keep swimming down, down, down until I reach the bottom of the ocean and see a very dark, black sea creature with its beak stuck in the ground, in the middle of the swirling.

Dark Blue Swirl

I think it is a cormorant or merganser, some diving water fowl. The waters are moving in concentric circles around the bird, like a tornado that reaches up and out of sight.  I know that this is the cause of the maelstrom and pull the bird out.  Once it is unstuck, I know that the maelstrom is over and things will return to normal, but I don’t actually see this happen. I don’t swim back up and out of the water. The dream simply ends with resolution and relief….


-Contributed by Marilyn Rengert

And here’s an excerpt:

Streaming Upward 2:50

And a link to our complete audio drama which tells a similar story of a “magical animal” as a guide to rebirth in the sea…

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