Power Animals At Work

 Power Animals at Work  2:57  (Live audio excerpt of the dream from One Earth, One Dream)

I still honor my Power Animals twice daily, which first appeared (in two short dreams) at the time of my dealing with my cancer diagnosis in 2006.  Rather than a narrative, they appeared on two separate occasions about a week or two apart, and were like two short film clips of a few seconds each.  The first, showed a cougar or panther attacking with his jaws, the right side of the neck of a Hollywood-esque zombie.  This location is that of my lymphoma.  The zombie crumbles to dust…In the second “film clip,” I am holding a baby large-mouthed iguana as if an infant, and am doing the finger sweep of the throat as one learns to do in CPR.  I soon discover that the obstruction is no longer there, and the throat is clear…I got the non-Hodgekins diagnosis on St Patrick’s day in March, 2006, and by June the tumors had disappeared from my neck.  My type of NHL can boast a 33% rate of spontaneous remission.

-Contributed by Jack Russell



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