Audio Dramas

There’s a blinding snowstorm in a place where it shouldn’t snow, and through it two young brothers follow a dog who should be dead up a mountain that shouldn’t exist.  There on the mountain, Horace leads them to a “Flaming Mystery” which is just what’s needed to heal their entire family.


Three children discover that an abandoned tar pit, soon to be developed into a shopping mall, is really a linking place to an eternal world, where they are instructed by a wise but eccentric grandmother.  When the tar pit is paved over by the developer father of one of them, they must find mysterious ways to persuade their parents to alter the world of time, so their children can return.


An old fisher woman, who is an outcast in a village where the fish have stopped running, undertakes a mythic journey which renews her own soul and the life of her village. In the care of a magical animal guide, she journeys to the bottom of the sea to make a choice between life and death.


For 3,000 years, the story of the grain goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone, kidnapped by Hades and taken to the underworld, was the basis of a Mystery rite celebrated all over the Mediterranean. The poet Pindar said of it, “Blessed is he who, after beholding this, enters upon the way beneath the earth: he knows the end of life and its beginning given by Zeus.” Out of the Depths is our interwoven re-telling of the ancient myth and a modern story of rebirth from an underworld of intractable political division, violence and strife.