Into the Universe

I am a young woman in peasant clothes on a spherical space ship sometime in the future.  They have figured out a shield that they can put around the sphere to protect it from storms.  I am watching the shield go up and can see, but not experience the storm.  When it’s over the shield goes down and it’s transparent and I feel myself sliding down out of the spaceship being drawn right into the universe.

Somehow I have become an enemy of the state. I’ve seen too much and they want to eliminate me.  I’m on the run.  Back on Earth I have to hide and melt into the woodwork and wait for the right moment to make a break for it to get back into Command Central. I go in and see a female captain that I trust.  She doesn’t want to deal with me but when someone comes up from behind me and starts to grab me, she tells them I’m okay and they leave.

She is a Rune Captain and we go into a secret chamber and everyone there tells me I’ll blow their cover so they can’t be seen with me.  The Rune captain gives me a grenade to use if I need it.  I leave and she tells me to keep to the runway.  I feel too exposed there, I have to make a plan and I am just functioning on intuition and instinct.  I find an unguarded corridor and go down it, it is carpeted and I go into a room that I think is a residence. I wonder if I can stay here a while.

July 17, 2010

–Contributed by Cindy Brodner

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