Dream Gallery

Well, every Gallery needs a theme song!

Dreamtime Stream 1:00)

This is a space we are creating for the purpose of honoring, giving collective witness to, and elaborating the images the world psyche sends us in our dreams.  The idea is that these images ask us for a landing place, such as they have had in so many other times and so many other cultures.  Perhaps they can help us become a community of image-receivers and image-makers with a wider sense of connectedness, responsibility and possibility.

If you have ever had a dream that feels to you like it wants to “land” somewhere and be given witness, please write it down and email it to dreams@dreamslanding.org. Try revisiting the dream as if you were walking (or gliding or swimming!) through it again step by step. Try to see and savor the details, the oddities, the flavor and the scent.  Sometimes a dream is just one image or one phrase. Any length, any content is OK.  Please just focus on the images of the dream itself, the dream as a story we can enter into and journey through.

Folk Tales Are Stars

“I Love You, Grandma”

Power Animals at Work

Cormorant at the Bottom of the Sea

This was the Ancient Ritual

The Barley Maiden (Persephone)

A Flowering Cherry Tree

Eating Dead Butterflies

Clockwork Vessel

In A Moist Riverbed

A Dream That Made Me Smile

Body and Spirit


The Kitten In the Drain

Return From the Underworld

The Great Clock Face

The Mathematical Formula of Creation

The Christmas Dream

The Animals and the Humans

Goethe’s Soul

Dreaming as Krishna

I Died in my Sleep Last Night

Where Shall I Sit?

Cats at the Pool

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