Dreaming as Krishna

I have to go and meet some one and may be contact on phone before that. I travel by bus through Egypt, some another country and then Syria. I reach Syria and go to some house with many people/devotees around and go to first floor on open terrace. There one old, sick and frail man is lying on a bed, and his beautiful daughter is taking care of him.

The daughter immediately recognizes me as Krishna, and I felt her intense feeling of love for me, and I also feel strong love for her (there is no action or words). Her love was so intense that I felt bliss like, and never I felt like this before. Then the old man looks at me and immediately addresses me as Krishna and is so happy to see and meet me. Then there is one old woman there; she embraces me, and I put my head in her lap, and I start crying, and she said that she was my mother in previous birth and also mother of my present day worldly mother in some earlier previous birth.

Then there is a temple-like scene with many people/devotees. I am also there, and few ask me some questions, I don’t recollect exactly. But I am answering/explaining or preaching as if answering to their questions. I am saying that I (meaning Krishna) exist and live in many forms or dimensions at the same time. Ordinary people can not understand this, and when I am on earth as human (meaning Suraji), I will have to undergo all what humans undergo like pain, happiness and suffering. Only few listen to me with attention and not all.

Then I also observe many priests talking and playing politics. One priest is speaking about the way to grab away land from some lady for a temple. I do not interfere, nor I say they should not do this. Then I am walking uphill, and some lady is putting some complaint to me, but I do not give reply or speak back, just listen to her.

Then I am going back on foot, and halfway there are many people /devotees as if waiting for some big VIP/ holy man, but I am already there. There is lot of security (lot of soldiers). Where is holy man some one asks? Only two people recognize me and point towards me with hand as if I am the holy man. One lifts my left hand and reads a name inscribed on my steel bangle as PARMINDER as if identifying me and telling others that I am the one. I also read this name on my bangle, which I am wearing.

Then again I am going down hill on a narrow path, and at the end, the path is in the manmade narrow wooden channel with fast flowing water. At times solid stones/rocks are coming with water at great speed, and people may get hurt while traveling this last portion of path. One has to travel through this wooden channel to complete journey; there is no other way, and one has to take this risk. I also cross this stretch without getting hit. Many people complain to me to resolve this path/risk as it is difficult, and people can get hurt specially woman. I give no answer or reply, just listen and carry on.

Then I reach a place with some activity, and I see one solider, like a radio operator; I ask him,  Which is this place? He does not give any name of place but just tell me that that is the place from where they communicate with others (meaning outside places). The dream ends.

–Submitted by Suraji

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