Let Yourself Be Loved

(Click on the graphic above for a link to the complete audio drama.)


Drake and Horace the puppy – Micki Selvitella

Bobby – Megan Murphy Ruckman

Carol and Woman – Christine Shields

Dick, Man, and Horace the dog – David Loftus

Narrator – Peter Armetta

The complete audio drama is available for free download here.

Or sample these two excerpts:

 ”You Can Smell It!  I remember!”  (3:14)  Retracing his footprints in the snow, Drake remembers the secret path that leads up the mountain…to his brother Bobby’s astonishment.

 “Horace, come home!” (3:05) Once Drake, Bobby, and Horace have found their way up the mountain to the “Flaming Mystery,” it becomes visible to their parents, far below.


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