Body and Spirit

Body and Spirit 1:22 (Live audio excerpt of the dream from One Earth, One Dream, including the voice of Larry Maze quoting John Sanford)

I walk into my grandson’s room and pick him up from his toddler bed. He is sleepy and cuddly.  But something does not feel right, and as I look down, I can see that a shadow of him is still lying on the bed. Intuitively, I realize that it is his spirit or soul that is still lying there.  I only have his physical being in my arms. I know what I have to do – I lay him back down on his spirit self and then pick him up again, as a whole being….

The dream feelings were very calm, almost matter-of-fact. But the insight it left me with was the importance of connecting with the whole person, any person, and, connecting with the spirit child in myself….

-Contributed by Marilyn Rengert

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