The Old Woman and the Sea

A mythological audio drama by Peter Armetta

Excerpts below!

You Horrid Children! (3:12) The homeless, nameless children tell the Old Fisher Woman that they’re persecuting her so the stricken fishing village won’t turn on them.

“Streaming Upward”  (2:50) The Old Fisher Woman completes her undersea appointment with her ancestors and finds herself streaming upward, in a sparkling, reborn sea.

In “The Old Woman and the Sea” an old fisher woman, who is an outcast in a village where the fish have stopped running, undertakes a mythic journey which renews her own soul and the life of her village. In the care of a magical animal guide, she journeys to the bottom of the sea to make a choice between life and death.

With no prior knowledge, this original tale parallels both a traditional Greek folk tale, The Fisherman’s Widow, and a modern dream (see Dream Gallery –Cormorant at the Bottom of the Sea). We truly enter the universal through myth and dream!

The complete audio drama is available for free download…here.


The Old Fisher Woman – Kristina Jones

The Boy, The Rainbow Fish, Villager One – Josh Rengert

The Girl, The Woman at the Bottom of the Sea, Villager Two – Alyson Ayn Osborn

The Husband, The Doctor from Beyond the Inland Mountains, Villager Three – Bill Wilson

Narrator – Peter Armetta

Original Music

Joe Sorce and Ben Gardiner

Recorded by Joe Sorce at Bolton Music Studio in West Linn, Oregon

Written, narrated and produced by Peter Armetta

Funded in part by the Regional Arts and Culture Council

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