Eating Dead Butterflies

 Eating Dead Butterflies  4:06 (Live audio excerpt from One Earth/One Dream, including two other short dreams and the words of Michael Meade.)

Last night I asked to have a dream regarding the truth about my relationship.  In my dream, we went to see a wise woman, and I asked her to read the cards for me to find out what was in my partner’s heart.  She said she wasn’t in the mood, but then she offered us a snack, which was some kind of biscuit and a dead monarch butterfly.

 I have been seeing live monarch butterflies a LOT over the last three months.  I lived through the recent Christchurch earthquake, and they have a lot of significance for me, as a friend of mine (who was also my partner’s best friend) died in it, and the last photo taken of him had a monarch on his hand.

 They were definitely his soul brothers; the big brother my partner’s mother lost before him, the soul he’s looked for all his life, his twin.  His friend and I had a connection so deep, I can’t even begin to describe.  The three of us did things on a spiritual level that kick the ass of all other experiences…it was huge stuff!

We only knew him for under a year before he died.  It was so intense.  We still reckon he’s around…happier than ever, to be honest.  He always HATED having a body.  I think I was the first person to ever really hug him.  Man, he was cuddly after that!  Hugs for all!

In my dream, I wondered aloud if we should eat the dead butterfly, and then we all had a bite.  It was the oddest sensation.  It felt kind of special, significant, a sharing.

 I thought this was an important dream, one I should not hide away in my notebooks.

-Contributed by Hannah, New Zealand

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