The Great Clock Face









 The Great Clock Face  3:31  (Live audio from One Earth, One Dream, including the words of Michael Meade)

I’m deeply asleep, lying on the earth somewhere underground.  Then someone, a man, says, “I’m glad you’re ready; I’ve come from very far away to take you on a journey.”  I wake at this but keep my eyes closed.  I listen closely to see who will respond, but no one does.  Then I realize he’s talking to me!

I open my eyes.  I’m lying beside a huge clock face, hundreds of feet across, an oval wooden ramp with gold Roman numerals painted on it.  I stand up, step onto it, and begin walking up the clock face counterclockwise from six o’clock.

I arrive at the midnight point, where there’s a showerhead, painted gold, floating suspended, attached to thin air.  I step under it.  Water begins to flow.

The voice says, “When you think, you see only the outside of everything.  You know what’s possible and what’s impossible, what everything is, and where everything belongs.  But the world around you is dead!”

“But when this water flows, then you feel the world from the inside.  Then you can’t be separate.  Then everything is in you, and everything is alive!”

–Contributed by Peter Armetta

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