I Died in my Sleep Last Night

I died in my sleep last night, and it was rather beautiful.  Rather.  There was a train ride.  Some of us were more conscious than others, and there was an elder man who led the journey.  I think we changed clothing in the process.  There was a process regarding the clothes like cleaning them. Very simple process but well done. Passing gently, the parts seemed to dim and rather float away.  I remember seeing the trunk of one of my trees as we passed along. Rather beautiful.  My Ponderosa Pines.  All in all  a rather beautiful process.  Not frightening at all really.  Some of the travelers were further along.  Process was simply a matter of letting go of all the trappings.  So, maybe I won’t get to write my story and share it.  It’s done.  I think I helped a few others to pass.

–Submitted by Jean Sightler

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