The Mathematical Formula of Creation

Dream on Friday, September 18, 2009

From some source, I receive the mathematical formula of creation.  It’s a gift.  I work madly to simplify it.  To break it down into simpler form, divide it by four.  As I work the figures, they, too, become more complicated.  Soon I have figures written on top of other figures, until it’s impossible to squeeze in any more or even identify what I’ve written.

Finally, I’ve worked it out.  As I look out over miles of people, I see one person on a light colored horse.  I try to beckon to him to get through to me, so I can impart this knowledge to him.  He seems to respond and be getting closer and closer.  Finally, we are together.  I draw him into a private room to share the info with him. He is to pass it on.  I doubt it will be accepted or comprehended.

Soon there are people all around.  As we look out I can see layers of earth changing in their processes, falling away down the sides of a crevasse there.  Soon it’s clear we are about down to bedrock, and it’s all the same.  No difference.

Towards the end of the dream, I’ve washed out my own towel and have it hanging on a wall hook to dry out.  The crux of it is that that’s all that any of us have.  Just a towel to keep us clean, etc.  The big question is where is the water to wash the towel. But everything is the same basic stuff.  Basic.  That’s it.  All one source and substance.

–Contributed by Jean Sightler

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