Cats at the Pool

At what looks like a swimming facility, I see several people hosing off rugs which are on the ground.  I approach to check on my rug.  Closer, I see it is made of black and white fur, and I am curious.  Then I see a long narrow pool, and, on the other side, several young women are hosing down cats which are lying peacefully on the ground. Other cats are swimming in the pool.  I see an enormous gray cat who gets up and walks toward me.  He jumps into the pool and, instead of swimming, begins slowly sinking toward the bottom.  I yell at the pool attendants to pull him out, but they pay no attention.  I jump in, grab the cat and lift it up for somebody to pull out.  I am planning to give it CPR but am awakened by my alarm clock.

–Contributed by Mary Goolsby

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