The Animals and the Humans

The Animals and the Humans  1:27 (Live audio excerpt from One Earth, One Dream)

From every part of the globe, many people are on their way to an urgent, world-wide conference.  A crucial decision has to be made.  We all have to make it.  What in the world are we going to do?

I’m at a preliminary meeting, the purpose of which is to decide how this crucial conference is going to be run. The room is in an uproar, people shouting and jostling each other wherever I look. Finally, a man manages to make himself heard, shouting, “I’m talking about the place where you know that the animals are just as important as the human beings.”

He says this with tremendous conviction. For him, this is the fundamental viewpoint, the one basic truth.  But we keep forgetting it, neglecting it, over and over again in all our preparations.

Animals as well as people from all over the world will be arriving for this conference soon!

-Contributed by Peter Armetta

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