Goethe’s Soul

Goethe’s Soul  2:28 (Live audio excerpt from One Earth, One Dream, with words and voices of Marion Woodman and John Sanford)

Out on the street, a young woman is being threatened and yanked around by the arm by a uniformed officer of some kind. He shouts at her that she should be taken to a girl’s reform school. I tell him triumphantly that she’s not a girl; she’s a woman about to give birth.  In fact, she’s Goethe’s soul, and she’s about to bring something new into the world.

Then I realize to my amazement that this is actually true!  I feel so encouraged by this.  She’s real!  And apparently she doesn’t belong only to Goethe, or to any one person, time, or place.  She’s mine, too.  In fact, she belongs to everyone!

–Contributed by Peter Armetta

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